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I  am  Dr. Benard Shehu , M.B.B.S., Master of Cardiology.


Emergency department Superviser. Cardiac Care Units.  


Member of Europian Society of Cardiology

Member of Albanian Society of Cardiology

Reviews For Dr. Benard Shehu

Vaibhav | Mon, 24 Jul 2017Thanks to the doctor for his second opinion and now i am bit relaxed after getting the opinion from Dr. Bernad.

 John.kingsley | Thu, 27 Apr 2017This was very comforting news for me as a patient on a weekend as I had to wait to see my cardioligist Monday. It saved me an unnecessary, expensive and inconvenient trip to the emergency department. Dr. Shehu's advice was exactly what I was told by my cardiologist. Worth every bit of the nominal fee. Thank you very much 

Shafquat | Sun, 5 Mar 2017Excellent 

Jtpiowaty | Tue, 21 Feb 2017So pleased with prompt response and advice. Must be a very caring Doctor. 

Cagcaday | Mon, 13 Feb 2017He answer my question very clear 

Actionallen | Thu, 9 Feb 2017Very prompt responses to initial and followup and very helpful answers. Thank you! 

Harrismartin25 | Wed, 8 Feb 2017Thank you for your help Dr Shehu!! 

Craigwurzer | Mon, 6 Feb 2017The response was fairly quick and the answer matched up with what i have been told before. I was basically looking for reassurance. This site helped me and the answer as well. 

Mediaman2 | Mon, 30 Jan 2017Concise complete answers. Thanks! 

Oljess1940 | Fri, 13 Jan 2017Yes, most helpful information. Thank you. Dave

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