Onset Of Heart Palpitations During A Deep Breathe

Onset Of Heart Palpitations During A Deep Breathe

There are some people who keep on getting cardiac palpitations off and on, typically when breathing in or yawning. What is the cause behind? Is there anything serious?

Causes Of Heart Palpitations When Breathing In

Palpitations are sensed in the chest, neck or throat. Despite the fact that heart palpitations may be upsetting, they may or may not be associated with an unusual heart rate and are often not harmful or serious.

Some people report sensing of palpitations when they yawn or take a deep breath. Palpitations are one of the very common symptoms in the general population.

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The cause of heart palpitations when breathing in is because of increase in cardiac rate. When you take a deep breath, the speed of the heart increases and you experience palpitations. This irregular heart beat that you experience is rate dependent.

Not all heart palpitations are serious, and some are mainly the sudden heartbeat sensations that sense as your heart is racing or pounding.

Other reason for heart palpitations when breathing in is due a premature ventricular contraction perceived as an extra beat or skipped beat. A single episode of premature ventricular contraction is absolutely benign, and is not dangerous for your health.

Indeed EVERYONE experiences them once in their lifetime. Some individuals get them recurrently, some within the week(s) or month(s) exclusive of any health hazard.

The other possibility of occurrence of such palpitation is that when you take a deep breath, it may constrict and stimulate the vagus nerve. This nerve is further responsible for conveying electrical impulses to the heart.

This causes the heart to stop beating for a second, until the next impulse arrive at the sino-atrial node to recommence a normal cardiac rhythm. 'vagal maneuver' accidentally executed may also lead to palpitations. 

Tests to rule out major heart problems

You may need to undergo some of the tests to rule out the occurrence of heart palpitations when breathing in.  They include:

•    Electrocardiogram (ECG) (To know about the electrical activity and rhythm of the heart)

•    Electrophysiological study (to analyse the cardiac electrical activity in vast detail)

•    Other important tests include Complete Blood Profile, Chest X-Ray, Urine Test and Echocardiogram.

Home remedies

Home remedies for heart palpitations when breathing in are quite effective.  Herbal remedies are considered to help in some cases.  Fish liver oil may also help to combat abnormal heart palpitations. Apple cider vinegar, magnesium acetate, baking soda, and potassium acetate are useful treatment supplements.

When To Go To Doctor?

If you experience palpitations that do not vanish within a few minutes, or also suffer from severe breathlessness, chest pain, or dizziness, it is a time to see your doctor. Or can contact our doctor and get helped now!

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